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Make a difference in the lives of children like Henry.

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Meet Henry, who started Kindergarten this year. As a member of the Class of 2032, many jobs of the future don't yet exist. How will he achieve college and career aspirations?

By growing up with Cecil County Public Library! We support CCPL's childhood literacy initiatives such as bookmobile outreach to schools and neighborhoods, educational programs with museums, zoos and musicians, in addition to the annual summer reading and learning program.

CCPL offers programs, classes, resources, books and access for our children, youth and families to grow up and thrive.

For more information about library programs for all ages, visit Cecil County Public Library.

Please note, all donations as part of Giving Tuesday and our end of year giving appeal are for general use where CCPL needs it most, unless otherwise designated. Unrestricted gifts enable the Friends Foundation to support Cecil County Public Library where their needs are greatest.